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Monday, 25 November 2013

A Little Bit Of Isabel Magic.......

So i was lucky enough (or crazy enough) to have the day off to get up early and go to the launch of the Isabel Marant Pour H&M! I have been obsessed with Marants clothing for years i just love the Parisian laid back chic that she creates with her clothing, so when i heard about the collaboration i was beyond excited and knew i HAD to be there! I picked up quite a few pieces (though i unfortunately couldnt keep them all) so i had to do a couple of mini photo shoots to share them all! I was lucky enough to have the weather something that has stopped me over the past few months!

Ive tried styling them up in a few different ways; I love the dress though it was a little transparent for my liking but i felt it really went with the fendora and ankle boots. The gold trousers were just AMAZING i had to style them with my statement blazer this was really Marant inspired.