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Friday, 26 February 2016

Daily Uniform

So stripes are never too far from my thoughts when it comes to outfit planning, i find if i go away for a weekend i end up packing at least 3 striped items (normally white with black stripes) and when i go shopping thats normally what i am drawn too... this thin jumper from H&M is amazing it goes with everything, it isn't figure hugging and is a nice muffin top covering length and it is perfect for this transitional weather we seem to be having, now i bought this jumper last year in the sale for £5 but this one here is similar but obviously the thinner knits haven't come through yet but this one here is a much lighter fabric but is a lot more striped (as this does make a difference to how its worn), so i have gone with another of my wardrobe staples for this outfit... blue jeans!! now i had the most amazing pair of black moto style coated jeans from Boohoo that i wore literally to death (knee holes, seam holes but i had to draw the line at the crotch holes that appeared) so i have not been able to replace these jeans in my wardrobe so i have found myself wearing my other go to pair of denim which is these H&M jeans, now H&M denim is expensive but its surprisingly good, these are just a mid rise light wash skinny and they are worn constantly, never in my life would i have paid £40 for denim but when i worked for them they had so many amazing offers i had to take advantage and I'm now completely converted and once they have in my perfect black jeans i will definitely be buying! look out for offers as H&M do tend to focus on denim a few times a year and you can end up buying one pair and getting another half price which is always amazing!!

So i have parted my stripes and denim with another staple of mine... Over the knee boots! i am literally obsessed! i have flat pairs and high heeled pairs these ones are very similar to the Public Desire ones which you can find here (get 10% off if you sign up to their newsletter) i wear over the knee boots at least 3 times a week especially in this weather as i can wear thick socks and I'm still keeping warm! and they go with everything, quite often i will just wear them with black tights and a dress and they always look fab.

So my sparkly vintage jacket is not part of my daily uniform but i do love it and its such a statement piece that it goes perfectly with casual outfits, this one i purchased at the clothes show a few years ago and it doesn't get many outings (theres not many places here that can handle a sparkly statement jacket), so i have also styled my outfit up with my Zara fur gilet which has been one of the hardest working pieces in my wardrobe over the past few years, it goes with everything it keeps me warm and always makes a statement, pieces like this are always worth investing in.

So i am not a major hat person but this winter a wide brim hat has been my saviour! this one normally sits on the parcel shelf of my car so its to hand on bad hair days or when its rainy and miserable, the main issue i have with these hats is they sit in my eye line I'm not sure if i pick rubbish ones or if my head is just not the right size! this one is a children's one as i was struggling to find one that fit properly! 

Any way hope everyone is loving this rare sunshine! 

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Blues and Blacks

So after over indulging on colour for Valentines Day i have had to balance it out with my normal colours and uniform of blacks, blues and leather pants! So i am in love with this outfit (so much more than i thought i would be) I have purchased this new bodysuit from H&M which you can find here, they are currently offering 10% off and free delivery at the moment which is amazing and also since opening their DC in the UK it has really sped up the delivery time! no more waiting weeks it is literally days! I paired my bodysuit with my fave faux leather pants which again are a H&M purchase, the ones i have on are rather old but you can get similar ones here and i am in love with these too, i love the fact people like the Kardashians with real curves have dared to rock bodysuits and trousers, normally unless your stick thin you feel as though you should be covering your bum as much as possible but these ladies really have made it fashionable to embrace your curves and show them off! Now i purchased a blazer dress from Miss Guided after obsessing over them for ages and being so inspired by the Balmain ones, i am keeping this for my Hen Do in April but i thought there was no harm in wearing it as a maxi blazer is there? I love how it really brings a different dimension to the outfit compared to a standard fitted blazer and i think it will be my go to jacket for a night out now especially when i can button it up if need be! You can get the blazer here and if you sign up with Miss Guided you get 20% off!! Ive paired everything with my Primarni shoes and French Connection necklace and a scarf from Zara; i actually braved my hair up for the pictures something that people who know me well will know i hardly ever do! But looking at the pictures i actually quite like it!! and i even attempted my own eye make up again something i am RUBBISH at! Hence sunglasses in most photos!

Monday, 22 February 2016

Valentines Take 2

So for Valentines day (which is also my birthday) my lovely boy took me to the Hilton Cloud 23 bar in Manchester for afternoon tea..... I was feeling slightly worse for wear after a rather indulgent evening on the Saturday so i had no time to take any pictures of my outfit. As it was Valentines day i thought i would try something different and wore colour! and lots of it! My skirt is from Miss Guided and is a gorgeous pink suede you can get it here, if you sign up to their newsletter you can get a 20% off code which brings this gorgeous skirt down to £16!! Now i wanted a bodysuit to go with it but the high street here is quite limited and i left it last minute so i managed to get the red top from Topshop which you can get here, i finished the look off with my beloved Zara multi colour heels (which killed my feet after a full day of walking around Manchester) and i threw on my Next Aviator Jacket which kept me toasty in the freezing Feb temperatures.

Friday, 19 February 2016

A SATC Moment

H&M always have the most amazing collaborations and collections and last year their conscious collection was no exception, one of the key pieces from the collection was this amazing skirt; after hours of being online i managed to get my hands on one but the skirt was not for me but for my extremely chic bestie, but as i had managed to order one it obviously came to my house so i did what any fashion obsessive does with one of the key pieces of the season...... i put it on and took photos in it before i sent it on to my lovely friend (and thankfully extremely understanding friend), i could not let this skirt come in to my house without photographic evidence that i had been near such a amazing piece! So the photos were pretty rushed as the skirt needed to make its way down to London and to be honest i was not sure how to style such a signature piece so i stuck with basics and a splash of colour and i absolutely loved the outcome!! So i thought nearly 12 months down the line that its acceptable for me to now share these pictures as the skirt is to beautiful not to show off......
(please excuse my attention hungry Chihuahua she loves a photobomb)

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Blogger Round Up

My favourite thing about blogs is how inspirational they can be whether its a outfit post, new make up tips or even interior inspiration; so i thought i would do a round up of a few of my favourite blogs -

The first one is The Pixie Cut - the wonderful Laura brings a fresh take on everyday dressing her outfits always have interesting details and always inspires me when I'm trying to pick a outfit and the best part is she always styles high street brands making her style completely attainable.

You can view her blog here

That Pommie Girl - Sarah of that Pommie Girl is a girl after my own heart, She is always fabulously dressed and her hair and make up is always absolutely flawless, she is making rather big waves in the fashion blogging world and has most recently been to New York to attend fashion week!

You can view her blog here

In the FROW - Victoria from in the FROW first caught my attention with her beautiful outfits, amazing purple hair and stunning images that were taken in her bedroom!! Her blogger stardom has grown from strength to strength especially after she made the move to London, she now focuses on more high end fashion blogging but her outfits are never boring and can always be recreated with high street pieces.

You can read her blog here

So for my last few favourites we go across the pond....

The Skinny Confidential - Lauryn is a bit more of a all rounder when it comes to blogging, she is effortlessly cool, tries (and recommends) all sorts of food crazes and has a keen eye for interiors, her blog literally covers everything so its no surprise she brands it a lifestyle blog, her posts are honest, funny and to the point and always make a fascinating read.

You can read her blog here 

Atlantic Pacific - Blair is a blogger that i have followed for years and her career as a blogger has really taken off, her outfits are always so romantic and beautifully put together and even though now her blog is a little more commercial, her outfits remain classic and inspiring which is always the sign of a good blogger when they don't get carried away or caught up in blogger superstardom.

You can view her blog here