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Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Its been quite a long time since i did a post (12 months to be exact), and its safe to say alot has changed in those past 12 months, I got married on the 18th June 2016 to my soul mate and best friend and anyone who has or is planning a wedding knows how stressful and life consuming it can be and whilst this was all going on Louis and i bought our first house together (we moved in 2 weeks before our wedding), so moving from my family home to my new home has been a transition without the whole life changing becoming a wife element and the fact we had to rip our house apart and pretty much rebuild it... so its safe to say ive been a very busy bee and my feet are only just touching the ground so i thought it was time to start getting back in to what i love and as you can imagine i have ALOT to tell you about... So here are a few pictures of our last 12 months

First New Home Picture

Getting to visit Friends Set

Central Actual Perk!!

Hen Do Vibes

Hen doooo

Hen Do House View

Hen Do House

Bridesmaid Shot

St.Georges Bay, Malta

The Azure Window, Malta

Malta Night Out

Vogue 100

Were off to the wedding selfie

Our wedding film car

Mr & Mrs Edwards-Jones (Credit to Bianco Photography)

Our own Disney shot (Credit to Bianco Photography)

Paris honeymoon

Post Wedding day Disney trip

Chateau Party

Wedding lanterns

Mini moon view

The RITZ!!


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